The St. Louis Film Critics Association (StLFCA) is an organization of professional film critics operating in the greater metropolitan St. Louis area and adjoining areas of Missouri and Illinois. The StLFCA was founded in late 2004.

The goal of the StLFCA is to serve the interests of local film critics, and to promote an appreciation for cinema both as an art form and for its societal, cultural, and historical context and impact. The organization works to: encourage film appreciation in the St. Louis area; raise St. Louis’ profile as an area that appreciates cinema; foster communication between film critics and film educators and historians; and to raise the profile of film art in the St. Louis area.

The StLFCA is a membership-driven association: It is of the critics, for the critics, and by the critics. Membership is by invitation only, following recommendation by a current member. Members must be working St. Louis area film critics reviewing for established print, radio, television, and Internet media outlets.